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Rock Your Alternative Age in Vintage Market

On a sunny Sunday after long term rain, Colorful Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll Alternative Market offered a stylish culture feast on September 14–50s fashion style, passionate stallholders, swinging kittens all over the place, old school cars display. Sydney is never short of weekend markets. However,

The Power of Silence

In Beijing Dance Theater (BDT)’s new work, Wild Grass, silence is once again more powerful than any words. When the lights were turned down in Tiaoqiao theater, the performers shuffled between shadows and dim lights to represent through movement the words of Chinese author Lu

Dream Images, Realist Style

Jamie Wyeth, a third generation American artist, at age of 65, in a well-tailored black jacket, stood next to a dry-brush painting, Faraway, which features a young boy wearing a beaver hat and sitting on the grass. The young boy, also in a black jacket,


Acclaimed playwright and director Stan Lai is determined to build a sustainable independent theater industry in China    It’s not easy being Stan Lai. Widely acclaimed as one of the most important and influential contemporary Chinese language playwrights and directors worldwide, Lai’s plays are popular with critics

Dancing on the Edge

After making my way through a labyrinth of identical corridors on the first floor of Beijing’s Olympic Sport Center, I finally come across the group of young dancers from the Beijing Dance Theater, founded by Wang Yuanyuan in late 2008, practicing and rehearsal there like

Nature Calls

Yang Liping embodies the elemental forces of Yunnan With the heavy beat of drums reverberating across the room, The Sound of Yunnan begins. The story of the epic ethnic dance opens with a mysterious tribe holding a ceremony for the birth of a child. The

跑酷 Le Parkour

钢筋 & 水泥:  帆布上的城市艺术   Translated from the article by Justin Kiersky 在通往拥挤的麦当劳的南平街上,Obi Wan 和Yoda在盲道旁的扶手上保持着平衡. “我们想带你去我们开始的地方.”Obi Wan说着,跃过楼梯,跳在人行道上. 007系列《 皇家赌场》 (马达加斯加一幕)– 詹姆斯•邦德尾随炸弹制造人,莫拉卡来到一个被废弃的旅馆后面,展开了一场龙蛇混战。莫拉卡(由Sebastian Foucan 饰演,他是当代跑酷和自由奔跑的创始人之一)意识到被人跟踪,便逃入丛林中,007紧追不舍。 这两人随后在灌木丛中闪出,出现在一个建筑工地。莫拉卡试图通过那些看起来逾越人类体能极限的重重阻碍,甩掉007。两人最终在离地面100多英的吊车塔上狭路相逢. Foucan(莫拉卡)抢镜头的场面由此展开。他把抢摔向邦德,夺路而逃,接着纵身跳下20多米,落在40多英尺低的另一架吊车上。他轻盈地像一只猫,再次弹跳起来后下跳8米左右,最终落在一个仓库的房顶,很明显,他逃离了007. 任何一个看过邦德电影的人都知道007下一步会做什么 .但是他的表情似乎在说,为了女王,为了国家, 为了我的面子. 百分之九十的人在这种情况下都会感到头晕目眩, 恶心呕吐, 于是爬上电梯, 爬回到酒店的酒吧里, 点上一杯伏特加马天尼, 然后编一个具有创意性的借口告诉M, M16的上司. 但是邦德不会. 他吸一口气, 像一只猪在酸奶里游泳般优雅地跳下那辆吊车, 他的前胸重重地摔在另一架较低的吊车一侧, 他挣扎着使自己的身体不至于从钢板的那一侧摔下去. 这就是最好的我们所能期待的,我们只不过是太善良了, 不是吗? 也许不是. 离开麦当劳十分钟后, 我们站在天桥上俯视一个位于昆明商业区的花岗岩凹地. 桥栏上那只雕刻的龙一直延伸到桥头,为这幅仅仅是钢筋水泥的城市全景加了点润色. 当我们到达的时候,公园没什么人.Obi

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When Bach Meets Beatles

The Beijing Wind Orchestra mixes rock and classical  Every morning, near the third palace of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, tourists and passersby are surprised to hear John Lennon’s “Hey Jude” and Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World” being played by saxophones and tubas. Inside the palace,

A Man, a Woman and a Rhinoceros

An unconventional love story Those fooled into thinking that tThose fooled into thinking that this story involves some sort of bestiality or Disney-like anthropomorphism will be disappointed. But otherwise, Rhinoceros in Love can be quite an entertaining story. It tells beautiful but tragic romance between