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Documentary: Self-Made Women

With rapid growth of the economy and the huge social change, Chinese women now are facing increased discrimination in pursuit of education and careers.

Through a few important interviews, it portrays a few Chinese women born in 1960s, 1980s and 1990s. It tells the stories about how they fought for their equal rights, grew to who they want to be.

It includes the exclusive interview with Li Tingting, a Chinese feminists activist who planned a protest against sexual harassment, and got detained by the Chinese police before the International Women’s Day on March 7, 2015.

Victoria Wei, a well-educated Chinese lady, living in between western and Chinese culture, fights against the gender discrimination in her career path. She finds it is amusing to be called ‘leftover woman’

Kathy Huang, as a talent Chinese artist, joined China’s first rush of students to move to Australia in 1980s; She thinks, back to her time in China, it was more equal between men and women..

Kath’s daughter, Lily Wu, was born and grown up in Sydney. She felt stuck in between two cultures. During her business trip to China, She was shocked how Chinese men view women during her business trip.

Produced by Cecily Huang

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