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China’s Last Royal

I have been in Australia for almost a year now and one of the things that I didn’t expect is how interested Australians are in the royals. The popularity of Prince Harry and his Royal family in Australia reminds me of a fortunate encounter I

Anne Aly Makes an Influential Voice in Counter Terrorism

Published on Issue 3, At the Festival during 2015 Sydney Writers’ Festival. Anne Aly, the author of Terrorism and Global Security is the first Australian female scholar with an Arabic Muslim background to publish a book on this subject. She speaks for Muslims against terrorism.


Acclaimed playwright and director Stan Lai is determined to build a sustainable independent theater industry in China    It’s not easy being Stan Lai. Widely acclaimed as one of the most important and influential contemporary Chinese language playwrights and directors worldwide, Lai’s plays are popular with critics

Dancing on the Edge

After making my way through a labyrinth of identical corridors on the first floor of Beijing’s Olympic Sport Center, I finally come across the group of young dancers from the Beijing Dance Theater, founded by Wang Yuanyuan in late 2008, practicing and rehearsal there like