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Chinese in Australia need to speak up today

Australia has long been a favorable vacation choice for Chinese. But a string of recent events have made people wonder whether Chinese have been targeted by a deeply harbored prejudice. Clive Palmer shocked the world in August when he described the Chinese government as “mongrels,”

Rock Your Alternative Age in Vintage Market

On a sunny Sunday after long term rain, Colorful Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll Alternative Market offered a stylish culture feast on September 14–50s fashion style, passionate stallholders, swinging kittens all over the place, old school cars display. Sydney is never short of weekend markets. However,

The Power of Silence

In Beijing Dance Theater (BDT)’s new work, Wild Grass, silence is once again more powerful than any words. When the lights were turned down in Tiaoqiao theater, the performers shuffled between shadows and dim lights to represent through movement the words of Chinese author Lu


孕育埃及文明的尼罗河奔流不息,她是埃及生命的源泉。没有尼罗河水的灌溉,再强大的埃及也只会是昙花一现。从表面看来,那是一条平静、宽广而又安详的河流;但若被激起,河水也可以掀起惊涛骇浪,凶猛地瞬间淹没一切. 埃及上下弥漫着一股强大的、被愤怒支配的力量。两年前,以“革命和自由”为名,20万埃及人走上街头游行,一度造成流血冲突和政局动荡,独裁总统穆巴拉克最终被迫下台,并被判处终身监禁。这个夏天,在尼罗河即将进入涨水期之际,一轮接又一轮的大规模抗议游行将革命再次推向了高潮. 7月3日,埃及军方政变罢免了穆尔西,这位60年来首位没有军方背景的民选总统。但硝烟并没有就此散去,7月19日,数万名穆尔西的支持者再次走上街头,在开罗和亚历山大等地进行抗议活动,要求给穆尔西复职,而多地示威者之间的冲突不断升级,新的伤亡不断发生,参加反对和支持穆尔西政府游行的总人数超过了1400万人。

Dream Images, Realist Style

Jamie Wyeth, a third generation American artist, at age of 65, in a well-tailored black jacket, stood next to a dry-brush painting, Faraway, which features a young boy wearing a beaver hat and sitting on the grass. The young boy, also in a black jacket,

From Bicycles to BMWs

Thirty years ago, China rivaled Holland in deserving the nickname “bicycle country”. In 1989, when a bicycle made in Tianjin was presented as a gift to U.S. president George Bush during his visit to China, 1.1 billion Chinese people owned over 500 million bicycles. Peking

Lost in the Fusion of Penang

Located in the northwest of Malaysia, Penang, a harmonious fusion of the East and West, modernity and tradition, is arguably one of the most fascinating islands in Asia. Unlike other islands, it offers visitors a combination of delicious food, multiple art and culture scenes, adventures


Acclaimed playwright and director Stan Lai is determined to build a sustainable independent theater industry in China    It’s not easy being Stan Lai. Widely acclaimed as one of the most important and influential contemporary Chinese language playwrights and directors worldwide, Lai’s plays are popular with critics

Dancing on the Edge

After making my way through a labyrinth of identical corridors on the first floor of Beijing’s Olympic Sport Center, I finally come across the group of young dancers from the Beijing Dance Theater, founded by Wang Yuanyuan in late 2008, practicing and rehearsal there like