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Once Upon a Time in Beijing

A firsthand account of life in the Forbidden City For 30 years, Gobulo Runqi had led a simple but purposeful life as a respected Chinese doctor in Beijing, living in an ordinary apartment with his family until his death late last year. The only thing

The Heartbeats of New Generation

Latvian Pianist Returns to Shanghai “It is highly recommended [as a performer] to ask yourself this question every day – why should people listen to me instead of any other musician?”  This year seems to be a “China Year” for Latvian pianist Vestard Shimkus. After

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Breathe, Dance, Live

Immerse yourself in a cool pool of modern dance as the Sixth Beijing International Theater and Dance Festival floods the city. Energetic, flexible, artistic, graceful, passionate, dynamic and abstract – one of modern dance’s defining characteristics is its endless diversity of definition. The versatile art