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Rock Your Alternative Age in Vintage Market

In the Corner of the Market

In the Corner of Market: Busy Stylists

On a sunny Sunday after long term rain, Colorful Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll Alternative Market offered a stylish culture feast on September 14–50s fashion style, passionate stallholders, swinging kittens all over the place, old school cars display.

Sydney is never short of weekend markets. However, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Alternative Market, as part of Sydney Fringe 2014, was a particularly lively shopping and music experience. If you loved the style in the film, ‘Great Gatsby’, or the TV show, ‘Madmen’, you would enjoy this market. People who came here, seriously dressed up.

“I love it, “ said Ambrey Sparks who was in a 50’s red flower dress, “I have been to this market once before. I dress up all the time and I am really into it. I did all my hair by myself today.”

The Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll Alternative Market has been held for two years in Tempe. This time, it moved to Manning House, with three levels and two courtyards, inside of the University of Sydney.


Sparks and Her Friend

The live music features the bands including roots performer, Pat Capocci, Twin Beasts, with a hyper-rowdy five-piece, The Drey Rollan Band, with very danceable mix of blues, doo-wop and country, and That Red Head a trio, who rocked the drum and melted the microphone.

DJ, MC Limpin’ Jimmy & the Swingin Kitten, Rockin’ Marc Rondeau, The Crimplenes and Solid Gold Hell DJs, spiced up the day.

Jazz, took his Japanese girlfriend Sachie to this market. He said, “It is my third time here. It got a theme, like 1950s, but also alternative. It is held every two month, but it has been raining before. It is sunny and warm today. It got good vibe. I got a little jacket at home, but I think I will buy another jacket. ”

The stallholders offer quality and alternative vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, make-up, music, rock posters, cult DVDs, tattoo arts, books, comics homewares, furniture and more. If you chat with the one of the many sellers, you would discover many interesting characters related to their collections.


Tee and Her Jewelry

Claire Tee, a twentyish Sydney lady, created her own jewelry brand, Buttons N Beads, and has been selling her work at markets for seven years. It was a good day for her. By the mid of the day, she already had long list of sales in her notebook.

Tee said, “I actually work full time. It is my hobby and obsession to do it. I do hand-made jewellery and quirky accessories. Those buttons and beads are from America. The quirky part is about something like, the dinosaur necklace from New York. The Gummy Bear earrings are quite popular. ”

Earrings include a little sewing machine, to saxophone, bicycle, and a little spoon. She also brought Fydelity Stereo Bags from US to the market. The speakers on the bags are not just decoration. It could connect to MP3 player or smart phone. It really worked.

Makeup artists Sinéad Fearon and Jenna Orlando from Dolls & Dames, are masters at applying red lipstick, winged eyeliners, pip up retro hairstyle and add vintage glamour to elegant ladies. They have been working as retro stylists for five years. Fearon had already made10 ladies look gorgeous in 1950s style.

Jrish Swing Dancing with Warren

‘The most poplar hair style are 50s’ roll, backcombing, and suicide roll. All those vintage classic are most popular, ’ said Fearon.

Fearon and Her Customer

Fearon and Her Customer

Fearon’s client,, in a black polka dot dress, was getting her special eye liner from Fearon, ‘ I let her sort it out. She chooses it for me. I will look amazing afterwards’ she said.

It wasn’t all young people at the floor, Jrish and Warren have been swing dancing for 2 years in St Marys Ben Club. They drove to Manning Club from North Sydney for swing dance on the top floor. Jrish, in a plaid blue pink shirt, wore a blue flower on her white short hair, matched very well with Warren, who wore a white peaked cap, and a light blue shirt. When they swung skillfully, and exquisitely in a brisk pace, who could guess they were both age late 60s?

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